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Recall information

Halcyon is committed to manufacturing dive gear that exceeds the industry's highest standards. Nevertheless, we recognize that eventually a component could be shipped to our customers that does not meet our expectation of quality. Even as we do our best to ship only the highest quality gear, we will announce any recall in a timely manner, along with the procedure that will need to be followed to ensure a quick and unbureaucratic handling of the issue.



Halcyon OPV Spring Recall Information


The highest priorities of Halcyon Manufacturing are the quality of our products and the safety of our customers. We are posting this information you to provide details regarding the voluntary recall of select Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV) Springs.


Halcyon Manufacturing Inc. in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated a voluntary recall of select Eclipse, Evolve, Explorer, Pioneer and CCR35 buoyancy compensator's (BCDs) manufactured between January, 2006 and September, 2008. In addition, select Halcyon inflatable devices (Lift Bags, SMBs, DAMs, Surf Shuttles and Diver Lift rafts) may also be affected. Consumers should immediately stop using recalled diving equipment and return it to an authorized Halcyon distributor or dealer or to the factory for a free replacement of the overpressure valve spring.


These BCDs or Inflatable Devices could develop excessive corrosion or rusting problems with the stainless steel Over Pressure Valve (OPV) spring, causing the spring to fail and the BCD or Inflatable Device to leak through the OPV. It is unlikely that most of these units will experience any problems since the potential defect is limited to a very small portion of the total number of OPV springs used during this time period. However, given the potentially serious implications all OPV springs should be replaced to minimize risk or inconvenience to Halcyon customers. BCDs manufactured after September, 2008 are not included in this voluntary recall.


Please reference this website information, or visit your local Authorized Halcyon distributor, dealer, or contact the factory for details on how to identify the BCD serial number. Inflatable Devices do not have serial numbers and should be checked based on customer purchase date if possible. If there is any doubt as to the serial number or date of purchase, Halcyon recommends replacing the OPV spring at the request of the customer.


Worldwide Halcyon distributors will be initiating a similar inspection and replacement process through their dealer networks. Halcyon Manufacturing, Inc in High Springs Florida will also inspect those BCDs or Inflatables sent directly to our facility, replace the OPV spring and provide free return shipping to the customer.


We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage Halcyon BCD and Inflatable owners with questions to contact their local Halcyon dealer, regional Halcyon distributor or Halcyon Tech Services directly using the following contact information.


Halcyon Headquarters Contact Information:

  • 24587 NW 178th Place, High Springs, FL 32643
  • Hours of operation: 8am - 5pm EST, M-F
  • 1-800-HALCYON (800-425-2966) x307


The following steps will assist the customer in identifying the serial number on their Eclipse, Evolve, Explorer, Pioneer or CCR35 buoyancy compensators (BCDs) manufactured between January, 2006 and September, 2008. If you cannot locate a serial number on your BCD please contact us.


If the serial number begins with the following sequence, the OPV spring in the BCD should be inspected:

  • 16, 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86, 96, A6, B6, C6, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, A7, B7, C7, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, or 88


Review of Affected Products

The OPV on your BC or your inflatable product can be checked by a technician. Please share this information with your technician to ensure no mistakes are made. Also, please refer to the online video at Product Recall: OPV Spring: Videos for a detailed overview. The OPV cover should be turned counterclockwise until the cap can be removed. To replace the cap after inspection, be sure the threads are set properly by turning slightly counter-clockwise and then turn clockwise until the cap is seated firmly. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. It is possible to damage the threads and/or crack the OPV cap.


After being re-assembled you should verify the integrity of the fitting and the function of the OPV. Pull gently on the OPV string to be sure the spring functions. Pressurize and submerge the wing in water to check for leakage. The new spring should be obtained from a Halcyon Authorized facility. Threaded the new spring into the pull dump cord. If your technical or dealer experience any problems please send the affected product directly to Halcyon for evaluation. If there is no serial number on the wing, the wing was manufactured prior to 2004 and is not part of this recall.


If for any reason the customer believes there may be an issue with an OPV spring but the serial number is missing or outside the range of Serial Numbers given, Halcyon and its Dealer and Distributor Network will also replace, if necessary at no charge to the customer. Halcyon Inflatable products are not serialized therefore customers who purchased a Halcyon Inflatable product in 2006, 2007 or 2008 are encouraged to replace the inflatable OPV spring.


A non defective OPV spring will look like these. Some discoloration is common. Spring should remain strong, and appear ‘normal’ when dirt or coloration is removed Detailed video clips to aid in evaluation and replacement can be found here.  A defective OPV spring will look like this. Note excessive corrosion in the OPV assembly. When scraped off the spring exhibits possible pitting and damage.

To ensure long term functionality of your Halcyon BCD or Inflatable, it is important to thoroughly rinse the BCD or Inflatable post dive including all fabric, plastic and metal components. Please reference your Halcyon BCD Product Manual or access online at: 


Please contact Halcyon Technical Services with any questions: techservices@halcyon.net




Halcyon Voluntary Recall of Select Explorer 40 BCs

(Serial Numbers Listed Below)

31 August 2006


Halcyon Manufacturing has identified a very small number of Halcyon Explorer-40 BCs sold after July 2005 that could develop problems over time. In these few units it is possible that the over pressure valve (OPV) could delaminate, causing the BC to leak. It is unlikely that most of these units will experience any problems; yet, given its rigorous desire to produce only the finest quality equipment, Halcyon would like to ensure this problem does not affect the safety or convenience of our customers. This problem was identified during regular quality control evaluations in which a lamination machine (RF welder) showed slight inconsistency during production. The machine has been replaced and the few BCs affected have been identified by quality control. Halcyon is seeking to minimize any inconvenience to our customers. To this end, all Halcyon distributors have been notified and are prepared to assist any affected customers. If you have an affected BC (see serial numbers below) please return the unit to any Halcyon dealer; you may also contact your local distributor for replacement. If you have any questions or prefer to work directly with Halcyon please contact Halcyon tech services via the contact information listed below.


Halcyon Contact Information:

1-800-HALCYON (800-425-2966) x307



EXPLORER 40 Serial Numbers

255015005      255015091      355147031      355147058

255015008      255015092      355147033      355147059

255015015      255015099      355147035      355147061

255015016      355147001      355147036      355147062

255015025      355147003      355147037      355147064

255015031      355147006      355147038      355147065

255015035      355147010      355147040      355147068

255015053      355147011      355147043      355147070

255015054      355147013      355147045      355147072

255015057      355147014      355147046      355147073

255015061      355147016      355147047      355147074

255015062      355147017      355147049      355147075

255015063      355147018      355147050      555603031

255015067      355147019      355147051      555603034

255015068      355147020      355147052      555603039

255015073      355147022      355147053      555603062

255015075      355147023      355147054      555603070

255015081      355147026      355147055      C44679024

255015083      355147028      355147056       

255015085      355147030      355147057


Location of serial number on Explorer 40 wing: plasticized tag on the bottom of the center spine, on the front side of the wing.


Explorer Serial Number Location





Halcyon Stainless Steel Power Inflator Recall

21 June 2005


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has closed its monitoring of the voluntary recall effort for the Halcyon Inflator. We are pleased to announce that we were able to recover approximately 90% of the inflators covered by the recall. If you still have a pre-recall inflator, please contact your local dealer as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement. We are committed to replacing any outstanding inventory with a replacement inflator.



25 MAY 2004

Halcyon Inflator


Halcyon is recalling some of the stainless steel power inflators. The only units affected can be easily identified by their stainless buttons and started shipping on all Halcyon BCs after Oct 21, 2003. This recall is in response to problems experienced by some Halcyon customers. Identification of the cause was unusually difficult due to the odd dispersion of these problem units. Furthermore most customers report that their units are performing flawlessly. However, there are pockets of unacceptable failures in which customers or dive shops seem to have a grouping of unreliable inflators. Given the nature of this failure, there is no way to ensure that a unit performing properly will not develop problems over time.


Typically, the problem expresses itself as a slow leak into the BC bladder. The cause of the leak relates to small imperfections within the machining of the stainless air barrel of some inflators. Not all of the inflators exhibit the machining flaws. Thus, a majority of the units perform flawlessly but groupings of product might display the imperfections. We believe there to be no responsible alternative but to institute a recall of every stainless steel inflator sold by Halcyon. In order to ensure this recall occurs in the most responsible manner possible, we have contacted the U.S. Products Safety Commission and notified them of the return. They are monitoring the recall process and the return of the units.


The original (recalled) version of the inflator had a smooth surface on the outter edge of the power inflation button retainer nut. The replacement inflator has a shallow groove cut into the surface of the nut.


Recalled inflator with smooth retainer nut (above); replacement inflator (below)


Halcyon is deeply apologetic for any inconvenience this recall might cause. We are dedicated to making the world's best diving products and to ensuring diver safety at all costs; this solution seems the only reasonable course of action. Please do not use your BC with the Halcyon stainless steel power inflator until we have had the chance to replace the suspect unit. This recall only applies to Halcyon inflators shipped after Oct 21, 2003. These units have stainless steel buttons and are easily identifiable from previous Halcyon inflators.


In order to reduce the inconvenience and to return your BC to operation as quickly as possible, we are shipping new inflators to your local Halcyon dealer. You may bring your inflator to your dealer, trade it for a new unit, and have it fitted to your buoyancy compensator. Please contact your local Halcyon facility to coordinate the best time for this warranty replacement.


If this solution is not feasible, please contact Halcyon using the following information:


800-Halcyon (425-2966)




If you prefer to send your Halcyon inflator directly to Halcyon please call or email to obtain a return authorization number. This number will significantly assist in the speedy return of your new Halcyon inflator. Please include your return authorization number with your return and send the unit to the following address:

  • ​Halcyon Manufacturing
  • Attn: Tech Services
  • 24587 NW 178th Place
  • High Springs, FL 32643


Be sure to include return shipping information with your inflator. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to work with you in any way that supports your satisfaction and safety. More information about the recall process is available from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Halcyon is working closely witht he US CPSC to ensure that the recall is handled in a safe and expedient fashion.


Halcyon Dive Systems


1.800.HALCYON (425.2966)

Halcyon Dive Systems

24587 NW 178th Place

High Springs, FL 32643

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8:00AM - 4:30PM EST


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